Asphalt shingles are one of the most widely used roofing materials on the market today. These are commonly used on residential roofs (also referred to as steep slope roofs). Overall, asphalt will cost less than other materials and offers a life expectancy of 20 – 30 years. They are available in many colors and designs; the most commonly used shingle style on the market is Laminated shingles, also known as Architectural Style. It’s important to note that asphalt shingles can be damaged by hail, high winds, or rapidly changing temperatures and may need repair or replacement before the lifetime of the roof has passed.

Wood and Shake

Wood shingles and shakes are the forefather of the asphalt shingle; they are primarily made from redwood or red cedar. The difference between shakes and shingles is how they’re made. A wood shingle is sawn with uniform ends, tapered evenly and has a smooth front and back. A shake is split but can be sawn and is thicker at the base end.

Overall, wood shingle or shake will result in a higher initial investment, but with the proper maintenance can outlast less expensive roof types. They are very durable, more energy efficient, and have an undeniably unique appearance.


Rubber roofing is a sheet of 60mil rubber (EPDM) used on flat or almost flat roofs. Primarily installed on small patio roofs, additions, lean-to's, porches, or any roof too shallow for shingles.


Featured Suppliers

Owens Corning

Often, our recommendation is Owens Corning Duration. We have been installing Owens Corning ("Pink Panther") for years and have been happy with both the quality and color options of the company.

Owens TruDefinition Colors are specially formulated to capture bright hues and dramatic shades. They are energy star rated, offer additional wind and algae resistance, and utilize a patented SureNail technology and Tru-bond sealant that grips tightly to the nailing strip on the shingle below for greater bonding strength.

TruDefinition Colors

Owens Corning Brand Shingle Colors
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Please click here to view their Designer Colors Collection.


Atlas offers the Briarwood Pro shingle, an architectural shingle which offers dual sealant lines for additional durability as well as magnificent curb appeal at an affordable price.

Briarwood High Definition Colors

Atlas Brand Shingle Colors
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Also installing Tamko Heritage Series, Vintage, and Woodgate; GAF Timberline and Royal Sovereign; Owens Corning Berkshire, TruDefinition Duration Designer, and Supreme; and CertainTeed Landmark. If you have a specific shingle you prefer to use, we will do our best to honor your request.